I’m a designer and developer in California. I own and manage a software company called Flinto. This portfolio site is a sampling of the major projects I’ve worked on in the past several years.

Flinto for Mac

I co-founded Flinto and am its primary designer. As a company of just 4 people, we’ve had an outsized impact on the industry. Flinto has become a widely used Mac app capable of creating high-fidelity prototypes with smooth animated transitions, scrolling, micro-interactions, live on-device preview and more.

The Transition Designer is a core feature of Flinto, it enables the creation of animated transitions between screens. My goal was to avoid anything that looked like programming while still allowing for creative freedom. Collaborator: Kazuho Okui
The link line was designed to be fun, flexible and useful. It needed to work well in a wide variety of dynamic situations, so I worked closely with my engineering partner to iterate on all the details. Collaborator: Mindaugas Rudokas
Flinto’s color picker features a unique swatch system I designed. The eyedropper can quickly load in swatches from any colors visible on screen and the Magic Swatch feature will detect any color values in the clipboard and generate a temporary swatch. Collaborators: Jordan Borth, Matthew Smith
I invented an adaptive snap line system that uses mouse velocity and acceleration to decide when snap lines can be disabled, minimizing the number of superflous snap lines that appear while moving layers. Collaborator: Kazuho Okui

Flinto Lite

Flinto Lite is a prototyping tool that I designed and built with my co-founder. I conceived of the product while teaching an iOS UI design course at CCA. Flinto Lite was widely praised for its speed, ease of use and realism. Some concepts we invented quickly became standard across the industry.

LinkSnap automatically detects link areas under the cursor using edge detection and flood fill algorithms, this allows for the fastest possible creation of links between screens. Collaborator: Kazuho Okui
Slicers provide a way to create fixed headers and footers on flat mockups. I put special care into building the UI to allow for easy targeting of precise values. This feature worked so well that several competitors adopted the idea, but our attention to detail was unmatched. Collaborator: Kazuho Okui


This project drew on a wide range of skills from UI design to software development to photography. After launch, revenue went up 3x and the site was featured by media outlets such as The Today Show, DIY Network, InStyle Magazine, Martha Stewart, Swiss Miss and others.

Screenshots of the ImageSnap home page and tile designer page. I designed and built the UI in addition to the custom Ruby on Rails e–commerce system.
Beautiful product photos were important to the success of ImageSnap, so I dedicated a lot of time and attention to product photography.
I built an interactive cropping tool that provides a visual representation of what completed tiles would look like. The highlights and shadows that form the contour of the tile resize as you choose different tile sizes, subtly hinting at the scale of the finished product.


On this small team I was responsible for UI design for our Mac, iOS and browser-extension products. I also did branding, product naming and Web development. Echofon was widely used, and it was always interesting to see which celebrities were posting from Echofon.

Soon after starting we changed the name of the product. I came up with the name and designed new logos and app icons.
One of my first decisions when I started work on Echofon was to make the app look more at home on iOS, I removed custom colors and updated tab bar icons to bring the app more inline with iOS standards.
It was amazing to see my Echofon app icon design during a Steve Jobs keynote.