ReadyRunner is a ChatGPT (GPT-3 and GPT-4) powered AI assistant app that runs on your desktop or the web. I designed and built it in collaboration with my business partner Kaz. It can be accessed with a hotkey for anywhere on your computer, making it great for productivity use cases. ReadyRunner features include the ScratchPad AI text editor, a system prompt library, and a document chat system.

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Prompt Library

ReadyRunner features a prompt library where you can store and recall system prompt messages. In this example, I use a Minecraft prompt so that the assistant knows I’m asking about the game, not real life. Also notice how chat messages stream in from the top of the screen, making them easier to read during streaming.

Collaborators: Kazuho Okui

ScratchPad, AI Text Editor

ReadyRunner’s ScratchPad chat puts a text editor alongside the chat. Users can ask questions about the text, or ask for edits, which the AI can make itself. Code with syntax highlighting is supported and the assistant can set the code language automatically.

Collaborators: Kazuho Okui

Overview Video