App Design
Power Tool

I co-founded Flinto and am its primary designer. As a company of just 4 people, we’ve had an outsized impact on the industry. Flinto has become a widely used Mac app capable of creating high-fidelity prototypes with smooth animated transitions, scrolling, micro-interactions, live on-device preview and more.

The Transition Designer is a core feature of Flinto, it enables the creation of animated transitions between screens. My goal was to avoid anything that looked like programming while still allowing for creative freedom. Collaborator: Kazuho Okui
The link line was designed to be fun, flexible and useful. It needed to work well in a wide variety of dynamic situations, so I worked closely with my engineering partner to iterate on all the details. Collaborator: Mindaugas Rudokas
Flinto’s color picker features a unique swatch system I designed. The eyedropper can quickly load in swatches from any colors visible on screen and the Magic Swatch feature will detect any color values in the clipboard and generate a temporary swatch. Collaborators: Jordan Borth, Matthew Smith
I invented an adaptive snap line system that uses mouse velocity and acceleration to decide when snap lines can be disabled, minimizng the number of superflous snap lines that appear while moving layers. Collaborator: Kazuho Okui